Here is a collection of some of the records I've made over the years. Click on them to check 'em out, but don't forget to come back!

Tori Amos "To Venus and Back"

This is a great 2 disc set where you get one disc of studio craft as well as a disc full of great live performances

Tori Amos "Strange Little Girls"

I played bass on this one, covers of freaky songs you might have forgotten about.

Tori Amos "Scarlett's Walk

I think this is some of Tori's best songwriting. Getting to play bass on this was like a gift for me.

Tori Amos "Tales of a Librarian"

Songs that span a career

Tori Amos "Welcome to Sunny FLorida"

It rained so hard that my bass is still wet. It was great to document the trio though!

Tori Amos "The Beekeper"

Playing bass on this record was a trip. So many styles!

Tori Amos "American Doll Posse"

We rocked this one for sure! There's more distorted bass on this record than any other that I've made.

Tori Amos "Midwinter Graces"

I played mostly upright on this one, as well as my nylon string acoustic bass guitar.

3EB "Ürsa Major"

We tracked this one to tape- as you should! I used Stephen's pre-CBS jazz bass for the entire thing. give me that bass!

Vanessa Carlton "Heroes and Thieves"

tracked in SF, I played bass. Vanessa was a sweetheart.

David Wilcox "Open Hand"

We made this record at Sonic Temple in Northern California. Live and to 2" tape. The only editing that took place was with a razor blade! AWESOME!

tin hat trio "helium"

What an honor. Tin Hat, Tom Waits, little ol' me on bass.

Kitty Margolis "Heart and Soul"

What a fun record. Alli Miller swings her ass off, and Michael Bluestein pounds the piano into a tuning maelstrom. I'm on upright bass having a blast while Kitty does her inimitable thing.

Action at a Distance

You can hear my bass playing here. These two write great music, a must hear.

Jim Campilongo "Live at the DuNord"

Favorite guitar tone ever! Jim's a class act. I'm on upright bass - captured live at the Cafe Du Nord.

Alex De Grassi "Tata Monk"

I play upright on this one. A strange and wonderful mix of Andean traditional melodies as imagined through the eyes of Thelonius Monk.

Joel Harrison "Transcience"

You can hear me play upright and electric on this dense but beautiful record.

Zachary Ross "On My Side"

Produced by yours truly, this is the more intimate side of Zach Ross.

Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell "East West"

Bill is one of my biggest musical heroes, I digitally edited with a light hand.

Boca Do Rio

Brazilian beats, original music,I played electric bass on this record. I engineered and mixed this. Produced by myself and Kevin.

Jessica Lurie "Licorice and Smoke"

Produced, engineered and mixed by myself. (upright bass) with the incredible Nels Cline on guitar.

Mimi Fox "Perpetually Hip"

Jazz shredder Mimi Fox. You can hear me on upright bass. (ENGINEER, PRODUCER)

Mimi Fox "She's the Woman"

Upright bass, Producer, Engineer.

Jacqui Naylor "Lucky Girl"

Upright and electric bass, co-producer, engineer

Jacqui Naylor "You Don't Know Jaq"

Upright and elec bass - engineer

Jacqui Naylor "Smashed for the Holidays"

Upright and Electric bass. Engineering.

Jacqui Naylor "The Color Five"

Upright and electric bass. Co-producer. Engineer.

Jacqui Naylor "Live East West"

Upright Bass, recorded live at Yoshi's Oakland.

Jacqui Naylor "Shelter"

Great songs on this record. I played upright and electric bass. I engineered and co-produced this with Jacqui and Art.

Chad Perrone "Release"

Electric Bass. Man can this guy sing!

James Harries

James Harries "Times Like These"

BASS. one of the great voices of all times,

Will Bernard "Party Hats

Grammy Nominated - engineered and produced by myself and Will

TJ Kirk "talking only makes it worse"

Mixed by me, from a live recording in SF.

jamie davis "It's All About Love"

What a voice! I play Upright on this record, as well as all engineering.

Take Me

We were lucky enough to have Matt Chamberlain come in for this record. Produced and engineered by me to 2"! (Electric bass)

Toby Beard "Sleeptalk"

what a talent, I worked on half the record. (Electric Bass, Engineer)

Valerie Orth "Far Away City"

We got really creative with this record. Produced and Engineered by me. I played bass, guitar and wrote the string arrangements.

Jennifer Berezan "End of Desire"

Co-produced by Julie Wolf and myself. (Bass, Engineer)

Jennifer Berezan "Home"

Jennifer let me help out a lot with this one, Bass, Guitar, Engineer, Producer, String arrangements, Choir arrangements.

Alexis Harte "6 Spoons of Honey"

One of my favorite musical partnerships! (producer, engineer, bass, guitar, vocal arranging)

ALexis Harte "Big Red Sun"

producer, engineer, guitar, bass, haunted whistles!

Alexis Harte "Tumbling"

our first collaboration - the sign of things to come. check out Seed with Scott Amendola! (bass, engineer, producer)

Locura "Semilla Caminente"

High energy Spanish rock! (producer, engineer, bass, guitar)

Lissy Walker "Life Is Sweet"

magical album. (upright bass, producer, engineer)

Mike Zilber "The BIlly Collins Project"

Very cool concept. Set the U.S. poet laureate's poems to music! I mixed this one.

Didia-Espiritu "The Ten Ton Feather"

What a GREAT record. These two write incredible music. I played bass, some guitar, a little piano and engineered and produced.

Geoff Pearlman "Anything At All"

genius songwriter. You can hear me on electric and upright bass. (engineer)

Steven Emerson "Set In Motion"

Super vibe-y record. (Producer, Recordist, Bass)

Kate Isenberg "Gold Rush Town"

Beautiful record full of great songs. (Producer, engineer, bass, guitars)

Kate Isenberg "The Time Comes On Humming Tracks"

Kate's first record. She recorded it at home, I was lucky enough to get involved with the mix. Great music.

Crowsong "Shelter/Eternal"

Engineer. Awesome Americana

Austin Willacy "Page 7"

Co-produced by Austin and myself. You can hear my on electric and upright bass along with Andrew Borger on Drums. (engineer)

Red Pocket


Spencer Day "Vagabond"

Bass. It's only a matter of time before Spencer is a household name.

Janam "My Soul"

Engineer. Lots of really interesting acoustic instruments on this one.

Matthew Morrison

Bass on a couple of classic Elton John tracks - with Sir Elton himself!

Marcie Brown "Reflections Over Brandy"

Upright and electric bass (producer, engineer)

Marcie Brown "Butterfly Girl"

Grammy Nominated! (Producer, engineer, upright bass)

Damien Masterson "All Over The Map"

Producer, Engineer, Upright and Electric bass.

Stacy Kray "My Last Eye"

Bass, string arrangements.

Damond Moodie "Wrestling With Giants"

Damond is a "must hear" singer songwriter. (engineer, co-producer)

Lenka Dusilova

Bass. Lenka is a musical force.