Welcome to Brick Hill, where being creative is easy. With a perfect combination of vintage mics, modern platforms and natural light, you'll feel right at home. 

         Brick Hill is proud to showcase an incredible sounding vintage Quad Eight Console as it's centerpiece.  Yes, there's outboard gear too from Manley, Millennia, Focusrite, and Empirical Labs. Mics, from Nuemann, Blue, Sony, Geffel, Soundelux, Korby, Mojave and many more. ProTools, with Lynx converters and Genelec monitoring.

   Instruments? Yamaha G2 grand piano, Hammond B3 with Leslie 147,  Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Vintage round badge Gretsch drums as well as custom drums from Allegra and an assortment of Agop and Zildjian cymbals. Bass amps by Eden, Guitar amps from Fender, Vox and Mesa. Most bases - covered.